Well, this is my semi-personal technical blog. It involves quite a bit of rambling as I am admittedly not the best or most engaging technical writer. It’s here for me to keep track of what I’ve done on a whole and a time sink. It’s not meant to be objective or even professional. Just a random spattering of thoughts as I work on things — usually when I’m half asleep. This blog doesn’t include anything about my personal life aside from my rants which indirectly show a thing or two about how I think..

I’m not sure how you found this page as it’s not particularly meant to be found. If you found it through a search engine hopefully there’s something in a post that does help you. Please feel free to contact me if you have similar issues that I’ve had and need any advice or have any better ways to solve them — blog@frank-d.info.

Posts may delve outside of the computer/networking/programming world, though that is the primary focus. That covers Linux + GNU userspace, FreeBSD, Solaris, virtualization (mainly KVM/QEMU), high performance networking (my home network has a 10GbE segment for high speed access), Windows7/10, iSCSI/ZFS, iPXE, and many more technologies. Programming may cover C/C++, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, BASH, and many other scripting/programming languages. No, “Processing” for Arduino is not a freaking language in case you were wondering. I’m putting more of my stuff up on my GitHub account.

Microcontroller stuff will be AVR 8-bit which I’ve been using well before they were popularized by Arduino. Looks like I picked the right architecture when it came down to picking AVR vs PIC. I also work with ARM Cortex M0/M3, and possibly ARM Cortex-A in the future once I go bare-metal on larger hardware.. I do have lots of Rasp Pis!

Guitar rojects include the basic stuff from pickups + switch wiring to hiding mini amplifiers inside the guitar based on JFETs.. which I measure and match with ADCs and microcontrollers! 🙂

If you’re a programmer you might be interested in checking out the blog related to my side project (a Collaborative IDE) @ CARB/IDE Blog. It’s currently open source, semi-functional and sitting on a Ruby on Rails framework for the GUI and a WebSockets server written in Ruby to take care of the heavy lifting and core logic.

I’ve spent years working on and with computers, computer networks, computer programming, cars (building/fabrication/machining, engines, everything), guitars, and small audio projects. I’m always trying to learn something new and often do so by failing many times through trial and error before it finally clicks.