This is a list of hardware for both my lab and my live network. Unfortunately I had to sell some items as money constraints hit, but the 7206VXRs are more of a novelty anyway, I only really need one in the live network. They’re great for the high speed port density/cost vs the ISR routers.

I’m trying to phase out the 3550-12 GbE switches, as two of them perform routing from Layer 2 switches at the moment. They suck power and are better suited to a lab environment that doesn’t have to be on constantly. It’d be much more power efficient to have a single 3560G/3750G than a Dell (yeah, I know..) 5224 switch trunked to a 3550-12 for routing.


Switch Hardware

1 3560-48TS 64MB 15.0(2)SE6 IPSERVICES
1 3560-24PS 64MB 12.5(55)SE9 IPSERVICES
2 3550-12T 64MB 12.2(55)SE9 IPSERVICES
3 3550-12G 64MB 12.2(55)SE9 IPSERVICES

Routing Hardware

5 1760 192MB 12.4(15)T14 AdvEnterprise WIC-4ESW, WIC-T1-CSU-DSU-v2
1 2821 256MB 15.1(4)M ADVENTERPRISE HWIC-3G-GSM, NM-CIDS-K9, (3) WIC-T1-V2
2 3825 1024MB 15.1(3)T4 ADVENTERPRISE NM-1FE-2W
1 7206 VXR 1024MB 15.2(4)S3 ADVENTERPRISE NPE-G1
1 7204 VXR 256MB 15.2(4)S3 ADVENTERPRISE NPE-G1

Wireless Hardware

3 LAP1142N 128MB/32MB AireOs 8.0.1102
2 WLC4402 AireOs 7.0

PC Hardware:

Role CPU RAM Motherboard NICs Features Storage Controller Storage
Virt – Thames 2x4C E5520 32GB HP DL380 G6 ProLiant [2] Broadcom Onboard
[1] Mellanox ConnectX2
HP P410i 73GB 10K SAS
Virt – Pegasus 2x4C E5520 32GB HP DL380 G6 ProLiant [2] Broadcom Onboard[1] Mellanox ConnectX2 HP P410i 73GB 10k SAS
ZFS/iSCSI Target – Titan 16C
[2] AMD Opteron 4284
32GB Tyan S8225 [8] Mellanox ConnectX2 Dual 10GbE[2] Intel 82571

[2] Intel 82576

LSI SAS 1068E SFF-8088 to HP MSA60 12x1TB (Half Barracuda, Half Constellation ES.3 SATA) in Z3
2x120GB for ZIL/L2ARC
Workstation – Phoenix 8C
16GB Asrock 990FX Extreme9 Intel 82574Mellanox ConnectX2 10GbE None AMD AHCI 256GB Samsung 840Pro
1TB 2.5″ WD10JPVT
Workstation – Sphinx 8C
12GB Gigabyte GA990FXA-UD3 RTL8169
Mellanox ConnectX2 10GbE
None iPXE 256GB iSCSI Boot Volume1TB iSCSI Storage
HTPC – HTPC1 2C Intel G3258 8GB Gigabyte H81 RTL8169Mellanox ConnectX2 10GbE None iPXE 256GB iSCSI Volume
Workstation – CARBIDE 6C Intel i7-5820K @ 4.3GHz 64GB AsRock X99 Extreme4 [1] Intel GbE[1] Mellanox ConnectX2 10GbE Intel AHCI 128GB SSD, 2TB iSCSI volume

Virtual Machines

Role OS RAM Cores Default Host Services Purpose
LAMP1 Fedora 20 1536MB 2 Pegasus Apache/PHP Production web/PHP
DHCP1 Fedora 20 768MB 2 Pegasus ISC DHCP Internal DHCP
DNS1 Fedora 20 768MB 2 Pegasus ISC BIND9 Internal DNS + Caching global
SQL1 Fedora 20 1536MB 4 Pegasus MariaDB/MySQL Local database for all VMs
Splunk1 Ubuntu Server 1024MB 2 Pegasus Splunk / syslogd Network Syslog
SevOne1 SevOne/Gentoo 1536MB 2 Pegasus SevOne Network Performance Monitoring + Trending
SevOne2 SevOne/Gentoo 1536MB 2 Titan SevOne Network Perf Monitoring + Trending
LDAP1 Fedora 20 1024MB 2 Pegasus OpenLDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+ Network Auth
MAIL1 Fedora 20 1024MB 2 Pegasus SMTP/POP3 Network mail services
RPi-CC Ubuntu Server 14.10 2560MB 6 Titan ARM Toolchains Raspberry Pi Cross Compile Environment